With cold Canadian winters, comes broken pipes, flooding, electrical  fires, and other unexpected disasters. While the world is looking at the earthquake disaster in Haiti, smaller disasters that effect businesses here at home often go unreported.

Some of the recent business disasters I have heard of in the past two weeks were; a small legal practice was forced out of their offices when a pipe burst, a 3 story office building was shut down when an electrical fire destroyed the transformer, the  Toronto office space of a company was flooded when a toilet from a unit above overflowed, and even the newsroom of CTV Ottawa was destroyed by a fire.

While for most businesses their insurance will cover the damages, the most important thing is the implementation of disaster recovery and getting back up and running as normal as possible in hours, instead of days or weeks. Besides the loss of property, the biggest concern to businesses is the loss of income and keeping clients satisfied.

Is your company ready for disaster recovery? Telsec is, and they can help you with Toronto disaster recovery.

Telsec has strategic plans in place to help companies with disaster recovery. They can have a company set up in their downtown Toronto office space within a few hours, so that company can recover from the disaster as well as to continue on with the day to day business until they begin to fully recover.

disaster recoveryThis means no downtime – Telsec will provide your company with total back-up support including full telecommunication services such as telephone lines, high speed internet plus state of the art office equipment and furniture. Your company may choose from private office spaces or team environments.

And remember at Telsec’s office space Toronto, the coffee, tea and filtered water is always complimentary.