I woke up this morning to wet and dreary weather. My plan had been to take the day off and to take some photos down along the beach, but the weather was not cooperating. I considered instead that I would go into my downtown Toronto office space and get some work done that I had intended to finish on Tuesday. Then I realized that I did not need to go into the office and could probably get more work done from home working remotely on my office computer via the Internet.

A few hours into working on the redesign of a brochure for the bicycle show, I wanted to go for a bike ride (I felt like Pavlov’s dog). The rain had slowed down almost to a stop, but the roads were still wet. I got on my rain gear and decided to brave the colder weather and go for a ride anyway. My only problem was that I could not find the key for the bike lock. I must have left the key in the desk at my office space Toronto at Telsec. Determined that I was going to go for that ride, I jumped in the car for the quick ride downtown.

As I was going through my desk looking for the key to the bike lock, my cell phone went off. It was a call from the Telsec receptionist. It seems that an unannounced client had stopped by the office and wanted to know if I was in. The receptionist knew that my calls were being forwarded to my cell phone, but had noticed that I had stepped into the office. I asked the receptionist if the lobby boardroom was available and if she could have my client wait in there for a few minutes. Luckily that boardroom was available.  I hurriedly took off my rain gear and went to greet this new customer.

After a twenty minute meeting with the client, I returned to my private office space and continued to look for the bike lock key. No luck, it was not in my desk. I put my rain gear in a bag and decided to have some lunch at CafeOn4 before heading home. Just as I got on the elevator, I got another call forwarded from my office phone number. This time it was a photography customer who urgently needed a product photo taken for an advertisement that was going to the printer late in the afternoon. So I had to skip lunch and head home to get my photography equipment.

So much for taking a Monday off work!