office for rent TorontoThis morning while reading the news at my office space Toronto, I learned that a British stuntman became the world’s first skydiver to land without a parachute on Wednesday, falling 731 metres (2,400 feet) to drop safely onto a crash-pad of cardboard boxes. Wearing a specially-made “wing suit,” Gary Connery leapt from a helicopter over Henley-on-Thames in southern England, aiming — with his life hanging in the balance — at a “runway” of 18,000 cardboard boxes.

It is often said that many entrepreneurs and small businesses often get started without the aid of a parachute. Unlike the stuntman who chose to jump without a parachute, most entrepreneurs do not have a choice but to try to make a go of their business without one, because they cannot afford one. When they sign an office space for lease Toronto contract, they know that however things turn out for their business venture, they are on the hook for the length of the contract.

Fortunately for companies who choose an office business centre like Telsec, they do not have to sign long-term contracts. At Telsec, entrepreneurs and small businesses take a small office rental Toronto at an affordable office space location on a monthly basis.

With a traditional office space, you need to purchase or lease office equipment like photocopiers and fax machines that also require you to sign up for a long-term maintenance contract. Traditional offices also require you to acquire a Telephone system and handsets, so that you can connect with your customers. These days almost every business requires Internet connections, in a traditional office space that means not only setting up a connection from a service provider, but also wiring and networking your office space. Once you have your office equipment, telephone system and Internet in place, you now need to consider office furniture like desks and chairs. So how big of a parachute do you need when renting a traditional Toronto office space?

Renting an office space Toronto at an office business centre like Telsec, requires no parachute and no risks. There is no need to take the risk of purchasing office equipment, telephone systems or office furniture when starting your business. The equipment you need is available and ready for you to use in your office space Toronto at Telsec.

I have not mentioned it recently in my blogs, but I wanted to remind my readers that Coffee and Tea are also free at Telsec.