Knowing who will be your neighbour when you move into an office for rent or when leasing an office is a good thing. However, not knowing who your future office for rent Toronto neighbour is may have some influence on your choice of Toronto office spaces. The person or company who shares a wall with your company today may be quiet and respectful, but what happens when they move out and another office for rent tenant moves in?

Recently, a Telsec office space for lease Toronto client visited his dentist. While in the dentist’s chair he heard some odd noises that sounded like an out-of-tune piano and a child banging on a drum set. When he asked his dentist of 20 years (who had been in the same location) what he was hearing, his dentist replied that the new tenant next door was a music-lesson studio. The dentist further explained that the music studio opened a number of months ago and that the landlord did not require them to add any soundproofing or even sound buffering additions to their space, even though it was in a primarily medical and professional office space environment.

Upon the return of the office space Toronto tenant to his downtown Toronto office space, the office client asked a staff member of their office for rent Toronto if they would ever rent an office space to a potentially loud business such as a music school. He further asked how they would prevent such businesses from disturbing other office for rent clients. The perplexed staffer, somewhat taken aback by the client’s question (because Telsec has never had a similar type of renter), could only answer that Telsec would never rent office space to a client that would knowingly be a constant source of noise that would disturb other office tenants.

Some office space landlords or office space rental agents do not take into consideration the nature of a business or the potential for disruptive noises when renting office space. But the management and staff at Telsec are very cautious who they lease office space Toronto to. They do not want to bring in a new client for the sake of renting office space, only to have them disturb other office for rent Toronto clients.

When signing a office space for lease Toronto contract, be sure to find clauses or guarantees that will insure that your neighbour will not be a music school or high-traffic business that disturbs your peaceful enjoyment of your office for rent Toronto.