Recently an employee of a new office space Toronto tenant went to the receptionist with credit card in hand and wanted to rent one of the large meeting rooms for 3 hours. The receptionist was confused and did not know why the man had put his credit card on the reception desk. The man explained that he wanted to put the expense on his company credit card. The receptionist (who had not seen this gentleman before) started to take his information. When she asked for the company address he told her his suite number, which made her stop writing. She explained to the gentleman that as an Telsec Toronto offices space for rent client, there was no charge for the meeting rooms. He was shocked that there was such a thing as a large meeting rooms at a small price or even free.

It was odd that this gentleman did not know that use of the large Toronto meeting rooms were free at Telsec, as this is often one of the selling points that attracts those seeking office space Toronto at a business centre like Telsec. When I talked to the receptionist later, she explained that a great deal of virtual office Toronto clients did not know that they too have access to large meeting rooms at a small price and even a much lower price than non-clients.

Telsec Toronto office for rent tenants are always given first book priority, but the meeting room bookings are first come first serve. The receptionist told me that It is actually not unusual for non-clients to call in for boardroom availably, especially because of the low cost to non-clients. She told me that there is even another tenant of the building (that is not a Telsec office space or virtual office client) that will book large meeting rooms at a small price once a month so they can conduct a video conference on the 50 inch plasma screen.

So, even if you are not looking for office space Toronto for rent or a Toronto virtual office, Telsec may be just the place to hold your next downtown Toronto meeting. Besides the complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water, there is also catering available through the cafe on the 4th floor.