In just a few short hours, the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London will begin. Meanwhile in Toronto at Telsec’s Toronto office for rent, it seems that the games have already began. It started off as a typical Friday, people were chatting about the news and stuff in the kitchen while waiting to get their always complimentary coffee or tea. Then someone asked who was watching the opening ceremonies at the office. The kitchen went a little quiet, until someone volunteered to talk first and say that they would be leaving their office space Toronto early and watching the opening of the games from home. Their statements were quickly followed by several other people stating the same.

A few hours later as I stopped by the reception desk to pick up a courier package, the receptionist mentioned that the phones had been quiet. She told me that a number of the office space for rent Toronto clients had given instructions to the reception to tell callers that they would be out of the office for the day and that others had left instructions to forward their calls to their cell phones.

What was surprising was that some of the office space downtown Toronto clients were not even going home to watch the opening of the Olympics. Some were taking the opportunity to get out of the city early, anticipating that many of their clients would not be calling them late on a Friday afternoon because they would be watching the opening ceremonies themselves.

Took a break from writing this blog!

I am back and now home watching the opening ceremonies on a large screen, much larger than my 12-inch laptop monitor that I have at my office space Toronto.  I know I could have watched it on one of the large plazma screens in a boardroom at Telsec, but it is much more comfortable watching at home. My office space Toronto may have all the comforts of home, but my office chair is no replacement for my La-Z- Boy recliner.