Today on the heels of a long weekend, one of our office for rent Toronto clients received a special letter from his son who was at summer camp in Northern Ontario. What made this letter special was two-fold. First the letter was sent to the father at his business address rather than their home, the second was that the address was not exactly written properly and the post office was still able to deliver it. The address of his father’s business is Mike Jones & Associates (name changed to protect privacy), 1 Yonge Street, suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1W7. The son’s letter was addressed as “Daddy 18 floor 1 Young Street, Toronto Canada”. Yep, even without the postal code or proper spelling of Yonge Street, the post office was able to deliver the letter. There are not too many addresses in Canada that the post office can deliver a letter to with the wrong spelling of the street name and without a postal code.

This proud single father liked the letter and circumstances so much that he decided to post the letter and envelope in the 18th floor kitchen of his office space for rent Toronto to share his joy with others. Only problem was that some people did not see the problem or humour with the address on the envelope. It turns out that Yonge Street is often called Young Street and the post office just knows based on the postal code where to deliver the letter. What they also failed to notice was that the letter was delivered to the right person who was simply addressed as “Daddy” on the envelope instead of Mike Jones.

The way that the letter ended up in the right hands was not a fluke. Mike Jones (again not his real name) had been talking about the fact that his son was going for 3 weeks to summer camp in a particular Northern Ontario area. He told this to the Toronto office space receptionist weeks before his son left for camp and a few times while his son was at camp. When the letter arrived with the Toronto office space for rent recipient simply called “Daddy”, the office space Toronto receptionist noticed the postal mark as coming from Northern Ontario and knew who it was from and who it was for.

The Telsec Business Centre staff does not just look at Toronto office space tenants as clients, they consider them family. They get to know tenants and this helps them to better serve them.