Downtown Toronto is really becoming home for so many people. Today I had a meeting not far from the St. Lawrence Market, so I parked my car at the “Green P” parking lot just down the street from the market instead of my regular place behind my downtown office space Toronto.

After my meeting, I decided to leave my car at this downtown parking lot and walk to my downtown office. While I was walking this short distance from the St Lawrence Market, I noticed how many condos that were near by, as well as all the ones that were under construction. It used to be they wanted to tear down the Gardner Expressway to open up the view of the waterfront, now that is a mute point due to the condos that are even taller than this elevated roadway.

As I was looking at all these downtown Toronto condominiums, I started to wonder how many of those condo owners or residence are self employed and how many would rather have a Toronto office space downtown, rather than running their businesses out of their home. For many people who want to live and work downtown, having a part-time office or a Toronto shared office would be ideal. They would have an office space to work in outside of their home, as well as access to Toronto meeting rooms, modern office equipment, and a professional receptionist to handle their calls as to their instructions.

The more I thought of living close to my downtown office space Toronto, the more I realized that my need to own a car would greatly decrease. If I could walk to my Toronto office space everyday, I would only need to rent a car when I wanted to go out of town. I blogged a while back about Zipcars and now they are starting to look more and more as an alternative to automobile ownership, especially for those who work and live downtown Toronto.