Office Space Toronto LocationIn the world of business (not just real estate) you often hear the phrase “location, location, location.” This is because where your business is located is not only important to how your business runs, it is important for the convenience of your customers. Depending on your business and your need to be in multiple markets, you could have multiple business addresses without needing to staff them. A virtual office situation could make you appear local, even when your head office is actually on the other side of the world!

The concept of having a head office in one city or country and smaller branch offices in other cities or countries is not new to big business. But what about your small business? Small business owners are realizing that a virtual office at a business centre with a prestigious address can give them the appearance of being local, without the need to have a physical office in that area.

With a virtual office in many markets, you can have an upscale business address and a local receptionist who answers your calls. Depending on your instructions, your calls could be forwarded to your real head office location or transferred to a local sales representative or agent who handles your business in that particular market. This gives you the appearance of having an office locally, without the cost of renting a physical office.

Franchise businesses or companies who farm out work to local agents, will often use virtual office services at local business centres so they have control of the business address and local phone numbers. This is especially true of businesses that do not need physical office space, but are further legitimized by having an office address. Nationally branded businesses have used virtual offices or shared office space at business centres for years. These include home renovation firms and other companies who work on the road and not in an office.

Even just having an international mail service at an office business centre can cost as low as $30 per month! You can have an address in almost any major city around the world and have your mail forwarded back to you in another country. While less and less business correspondence is sent through the postal system, it is always beneficial to have a local address so customers can mail a contract – or more importantly, a payment. Bottom line: Your mail can be forwarded to you at your home office for just the cost of the postage.

One of the best things about having your primary office space or virtual office at a business centre that is part of a large network, is that they can make all the arrangements for you in other cities, and you just pay one invoice for all the services they provide in the various locations you want your business to be in.