In a down economy, many business owners look to save costs by looking for cheap office space, rather than high quality inexpensive office space. This is often more detrimental to their business, they forget that part of having an office is the image they project to their clients. They also fail to take into account that while they office space is cheap the other things that make it an office come with a price too. In searching for inexpensive office space Toronto, many businesses end their search when they discover Telsec. Telsec Business Centres offers Inexpensive office solutions in Toronto at a high profile address. As part of renting a fully furnished office at Telsec, you also get a professional receptionist. You are not going to get a receptionist included in your rent at a cheap office for rent. Consider the other advantages of an inexpensive furnished office space, like access to free board rooms and meeting rooms, free coffee or tea, friendly support staff, and much more. As well as plenty of in office amenities, their are also the building amenities like security and 24 hour a day access. Other amenities include easy access to public transit, with a bus stop right out front and LRT (Light Rapid Transit) only minutes from the door. Your choice is clear, a cheap Toronto office at a nondescript address with no amenities or an inexpensive downtown office with a prestigious address? Why not save your business a lot of money and look at one of our inexpensive office solutions today.