As March Break is ending the March Madness is just getting started at Telsec Toronto office space, but not in the way you may be thinking. When most people think of March Madness, they are thinking about the NCAA basketball tournament that leads up to the Sweet Sixteen and the final four who will compete for the NCAA Championship.

Yes, the NCAA Championship is talked about a great deal in the halls and kitchens at Telsec’s office space Toronto and people book boardrooms that are equipped with HD TV sets to watch the games. The biggest interest in NCAA Basketball comes from gamblers. I am told that more bets are place on March Madness, Sweet Sixteen and Final Four games than any professional sport championships. Telsec does not allow any gambling at its downtown Toronto office space, but we will not stop people from being able to enjoy the games from their private office space or large boardrooms.

If the NCAA Championship is not the true March Madness, what is?  Let me tell you. March is a time of year when University and College students are thinking of summer jobs or the lack of summer jobs. Entrepreneurial students are looking to start their own businesses and know they need to have a professional business address if they are going to be taken seriously.  Instead of setting up shop in their parent’s basement or garage, they look at office space Toronto at a business centre with a prestigious address. They want an office space or even a virtual office location where they do not need to sign a long-term lease or contract.

During March Break, many college and university students who are looking for a Toronto office space for their summer business are visiting business centres like Telsec, before they make their decisions. March Break for many colleges is sometimes a week after the march break for primary and high school students. Telsec has 9 meetings booked so far for next week with student businesses looking to locate their office at 1 Yonge Street. What attracts them the most is that for as low as $30 a month, they too can have a prestigious business address.

All I can say from here is, “have fun client services representatives”.  Why? Because this year there are less summer jobs and more students looking to start their own summer businesses. The demand for short term office space and virtual office solutions will be much higher than in years past.