Toronto office spaceFor the fourth time in four years, Canada will be hosting royalty. I heard someone say with the news that this spring Prince Charles and Camilla will be visiting Toronto, that maybe it is time for the Royal Family to open an office space Toronto to co-ordinate all these frequent visits. Some even say they should have their own merchandising department in Toronto to approve and collect royalties on the various trinkets, bobbles and replica Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals that many enterprising Canadians will be selling during the Royal Visit.

When Prince Charles and Camilla arrive in Toronto, they will be greeted by emergency response workers before viewing a Victoria Day weekend fireworks display over Lake Ontario. If they had a Toronto office space at Telsec, they could comfortably watch the fireworks from the 18th floor of the Toronto Star Building.

While in Toronto the Royals will be handing out the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals — awards created to commemorate six decades of Elizabeth’s reign. The Duchess will get her first chance to visit the Queen’s Own Rifles, a regiment for which she has just become colonel-in-chief. Also on Charles’ and Camilla’s itinerary in Toronto is a bicentennial commemoration of the War of 1812. With just those events alone, their staff will need a downtown Toronto office space to co-ordinate all their appearances.

News of the Royal Visit overshadowed the fact that former Canadian and Member of the House of Lords Conrad Black, may not be allowed to return to Canada. Therefore, Lord Black will have to miss the Royal Tour visit to Toronto. This is mainly due to the fact he renounced his Canadian citizenship and has since acquired a criminal record for fraud.  The Canada Border Services Agency says most criminal convictions make people inadmissible to enter and stay in Canada. This is particularly true of non-citizens.

So it looks like Prisoner no. 18330-424 (as Lord Black is currently known) may get out of prison this Friday, but he may have to wait 5 years until he is able to return home to Canada or rents a Toronto office space. It seems that people with “previous criminality” need to apply for a rehabilitation before they can be admissible for permanent residency to Canada – but they have to wait five years after the completion of their sentence. I am sure that he can open a Toronto virtual office and conduct business while living in the USA or Great Britain.