My Last few blogs have been about senior entrepreneurs, but it was pointed out to me that I neglected to mention that many of the seniors who are entrepreneurs that have office space for rent Toronto at Telsec Business Centres are women. So I’m writing this blog outlining why women are starting businesses at a more advanced age.

A 2008 Human Capital and Women’s Business Ownership report from the U.S. SBA (Small Business Administration) Office of Advocacy made some interesting statements that I thought were important to share.

  • Women’s share of total incorporated and unincorporated self-employment is now approximately 35 percent
  • High percentages of the self-employed were in the 40–49 and 50–59 age groups.
  • Self-employed women were also more likely to be self-employed in the previous year, were older than wage and salary-earning women, and had greater income diversity.

Many women entrepreneurs are 40 to 60 years old because they have had previous careers or have taken time away from their careers working in Toronto office space environments while raising their children. Women are still seen as primarily responsible for child care and taking care of the family as they taking on full-time or part-time jobs. This, along with the fact that many women are waiting until their late 20’s and even mid 30’s to have children, may play a part in the age in which they become entrepreneurs. Juggling a career and family responsibilities is one thing, but trying to equalize the duties of both motherhood and entrepreneurship is a whole different ball game when you are assuming all the risk.

As their children get to an age when they are self sufficient enough that they can look after themselves for more than a few hours each day with little or no parental supervision, many women are then taking that step outside to take on more entrepreneurial careers that may see them spending more time away from the home – more so than if they were working for someone else with prescribed work hours.

We will explore more about how women entrepreneurs are finding the resources they need for their business at office business centers that allow them to concentrate on their core objectives – and not have to worry about managing their office, the administration of an office or the potential staff needed to manage the office space Toronto.