All the buzz the past few days around the water cooler was the fact that NASA had found water on the moon. This scientific breakthrough does not mean that you will be seeing bottles of Moon Water showing up at a variety store near you any time soon. This news does tell us that at some point the moon could have sustained life or may eventually be colonized. When will the first Telsec office space on the moon be available, I can not say.

While Telsec can not yet offer office space on the moon yet, they can offer a great office in downtown Toronto. No, they do not have moon water yet, but they do have cold filtered water available in both kitchens. It may be a number of years until Telsec can offer moon offices with a view of the earth, I can tell you that some clear sky evenings when I am working late at my Telsec Toronto office space, I can look out my window and get a great view of the moon.

Downtown Toronto office space at Telsec offers city views and lake views. When the sun is barely down and you can see the moon rising over Lake Ontario, the view is spectacular. Nowhere else in the city can you find such well appointed offices at a prestigious address like 1 Yonge Street, the most famous address on Canada’s most known street.  Consider having your office space Toronto on the 18th floor of the number one address on the world’s longest street.

Telsec Toronto office space for rent has an office package that not only suits your need for office space, but offers the amenities you would expect from an Toronto executive offices.

And remember, at Telsec Toronto office space, the coffee and tea are always complementary.