It seems these days that the solutions to a lot of problems can be fixed with an app. Need to find a restaurant? There’s an app for that. Need weather information, there’s an app for that. Need local traffic information? Yep, there’s an app for that! But there is No app for office space Toronto – well not yet anyway.

So what is an APP?

The American Dialect Society may have answered that question, but not in a way that helps those unfamiliar with the term really get a grasp of its meaning. In early 2011 they named the term ‘app’ word of the year . The Society’s rather short and abrupt definition is as follows:

The shortened slang term for a computer or smart phone application.

So you still want to know what an app is?  The word app is a noun, and it’s short for “application.”  Application in this case refers to a software application, but an app is not just any old software program. An app is a special type of software program used on a smartphone or mobile device such as the iphone, BlackBerry, Android, or devices like the  iPad or BlackBerry Playbook.

For the most part apps are gadgets that help you do simple tasks without the need of a laptop or desktop computer. Some will even say that apps are just marketing tools for businesses allowing consumers easier access to the products and services the company offers. When searching for “Office Space App”, the only subjects that come up are applications for student office space Toronto at the University of Toronto and several other universities that offer graduate students and those working on their PhD to have access to an office. One other subject that comes up in the search is an Android app that plays sound bite quotes from the Movie “Office Space”, which is not exactly useful as a business application.

Telsec is currently working on an app to better help businesses find information about Toronto office space, virtual office space Toronto and Toronto meeting rooms at Telsec. An office space Toronto app will also allow those visiting the site to send quick messages and inquiries to the Telsec staff. Telsec is also considering development of an app that will allow office space Toronto clients to book boardrooms and meeting rooms when they are out of the office and need to set up a meeting space.

First and foremost, Telsec is in the business of renting affordable office space Toronto at a prestigious business address, so apps are not our first priority. Our priority is servicing Toronto office space and providing Toronto virtual office clients, with the best office support.