Thursday night I was asked to attend an event that was being held by one of my clients and to take some photographs for their website. The event included a guest speaker Howard Brown, who is the President of Brown & Cohen Communications. Mr. Brown was to be talking about “The Art and Science of Networking”.

I picked up some interesting networking concepts from the speaker at this event, including not to be afraid to randomly go up to people and introduce yourself. Another concept Mr. Brown reiterated was to make the introduction of yourself to people about them, meaning to ask questions about them rather than talking about yourself.

After hearing the speaker, guests were treated to some hot hors d’oeuvres and encouraged to mingle. While all of the guests were in the same industry (one that I know little about), I was able to have a few interesting conversations with some of the attendees.

Most of the time at events such as this, it comes up that I write a blog about my downtown Toronto office space and that I am actually a client, but this time I tried to use the techniques the speaker had talked about. I tried to focus the attention on the person I was speaking to, and to make it about them. Then I got to speaking to this one woman whose husband was just hired to open up a Toronto branch office for an American manufacturer. She told me that the first thing her husband had to do was to find office space for lease in Toronto without a long term lease, until the company could find a permanent office space solution. At this point I offered her information about my Toronto office space for lease, and the fact that I had an excellent downtown Toronto location without a long term lease. She asked for my card and asked me if her husband could contact me for more info, I wrote the web site on the back of my card and told her husband could find more information about office space for lease Toronto there.