O.NOIR – Canada’s first-ever “Dine in the Dark” has two location Montreal and Toronto. O.Noir dining is a great idea. Sighted people are taken into a blacked out dining room and served by people who are blind. The idea is that when you eat food in the dark, your remaining senses are heightened to savour the smell and taste of food. The idea is to heighten the senses of taste, smell and touch by denying diners of their sight. It’s also to give guests an appreciation for what it’s like to be blind. It’s O. Noir. The idea was built on a concept started by a blind Swiss pastor, who blindfolded his guests at home so they could understand his eating experience. The idea of a dine-in-the-dark restaurant was one to teach people about blindness, but also to create jobs for the blind.

The menu is a fixed price menu with a choice of starter, main dish and desert. Diner’s are asked to select their choices before entering the blacked out room or can chose to be surprised. Often people will choose their main dish and be surprised by the starter or desert that is chosen for them.

We all like to say we are willing to try new things. This weekend a group of friends suggested we try O.Noir restaurant in Toronto, my girlfriend was all up for it and raring to go. When it came time to go, I knew that I would panic in the dark and potentially ruin everyone’s fun, so I backed out and allowed them to enjoy their dinner. By all accounts, they had a great time and really loved the experience. I later found out when I picked her up, they did have a lit dining room for those who could not handle the darkness to finish their meal, so I should have at least tried. The group is planning another blacked out event, so next time I will go and experience it.

As a business person, I am always looking to avoid risk. When I chose my downtown Toronto office space, I chose an office business centre that did not require me to sign a long term lease, in case it was not the office space Toronto for me. Even when I signed up for my Toronto virtual office package at Telsec, I did not want a long term agreement, just in case I wanted to move or to upgrade to Toronto executive office space at the same location.

When it comes to dining at work, I love the natural light that comes into the 4th floor cafeteria of the Toronto Star Building. Having a cafeteria on the fourth floor and not some artificially lit basement food court was not one of my original deciding factors in choosing my Toronto office space for rent. In fact it was not until I had been renting Toronto office space for a few months did I even find out that The Toronto Star Cafeteria was also open to other building tenants to use.