Lake View from Toronto office space at TelsecStudies have shown office spaces that use natural light often have lower absenteeism rates and increased productivity levels from employees, so office business centres that offer window offices and more economical interior offices are always looking to find better ways to get natural light to interior offices and corridors. The logic is that if employees of bigger businesses work better with natural lighting, then why not small business owners and their employees?

In a typical office business centre there are a limited number of offices for rent that are window offices, so the challenge is to get the natural lighting to flow through to the interior offices without window office tenants feeling like they are working in a glass bubble. One way this is accomplished is to install small glass panels made from smoked glass, or doors that are constructed with large smoked-glass windows. Then, interior offices can also be fitted with glass panels or doors to allow natural light through.

Just adding random glass wall panels and doors to increase the flow of natural light is not the best solution. Natural lighting consultants who work with optimizing natural light flow are the best experts to help plan the light for flexible office spaces. They not only find the most efficient way of sharing the natural light, but they also help with planning interior lighting that can simulate and enhance the added natural lighting in an office space.

Having natural lighting in the office is important year round, but it is more important in the winter months when business owners and employees usually arrive before the sun comes up and may leave when it is dark. There is even a common disorder called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that the Mayo Clinic recommends light therapy for. Having good natural light or simulated daylight throughout the office can greatly help those who suffer from this seasonal condition.

Even for offices that are situated in the interior of a building not accessible to natural lighting, can benefit from lighting that is daylight simulated and office space corridors that are filled with natural sunlight. Just taking a walk down the hall to get a coffee or visiting the reception area of your office business centre can bring benefits. Besides, getting up to take a walk every 30 minutes is good for you in fighting the health risks of sitting.