Coworking space has evolved to mean much more than simply shared office space. While coworking office space is an accessible and affordable alternative to renting a traditional commercial office space, lower operational cost is no longer its strongest selling point. As noted in our previous article about the changing needs of coworking space in 2017, small business owners and entrepreneurs are now seeking a sense of community with other like-minded professionals.

So what makes for a sense of “community”? For some small business owners, it may mean an environment that fosters professional networking, or alleviates the isolation of an individual or home office. For others, it may mean working alongside those sharing an industry or vocation, such as tech development or remote freelancing. For still others, it may mean a sense of exclusivity, such as coworking spaces that are solely dedicated to women.

Regardless of what it may mean to any given individual or group, a sense of community is that feeling of being part of, even if you’re self-employed, that gives coworking office space its allure.

Evolving Needs & Evolving Spaces in 2018: Flexible Workspaces & Practical Amenities

Fast forward to 2018, and there is another significant development in coworking space needs, and that is for a flexible workspace which offers practical amenities — namely, serviced office space with administrative support.

A relatively new concept, flexible workspace is a hybrid of coworking space that offers key services and support not only for small businesses and entrepreneurs, but for medium and large businesses that want to pay for only what they use in a given period.

What’s more, coworking space has evolved in design. Rather than solely offering the open concept office team space, ideal for employee collaboration on designated corporate projects, now there are more coworking areas for those needing some degree of privacy to conduct their own business without distraction, while still feeling part of a community.

How Telsec Meets Coworking Needs Now…and in the Future

With a number of options for office space, Telsec Business Centre offers competitively-priced coworking solutions for business needs, whether for an individual, SME business, or corporation.

Individual entrepreneurs and business owners from small to enterprise size have the flexibility to rent a coworking space by the hour or month, sharing space and office furniture, with the benefit of a prestigious business address, whether in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver), New York, LA, or London.

Administrative support goes beyond mailing services from a reputable address. Anticipating the need for a number of flexible office space solutions not only now, but in the future, Telsec has expanded its coworking options to include full access to telecommunication services and office equipment, as well as conference rooms and kitchen facilities. Of course, our administrative support includes personalized reception service.

We continue to keep our proverbial finger on the pulse of coworking trends and needs, and are agile in our adoption of those that are most promising to serve the business needs of our clients, now and in the future.