Enjoying The SummerAs we look around our office space each summer, there are fewer and fewer people around. It is not because there are less office tenants or a lot of people taking vacations; it is because businesses are learning the benefits of flexible office business centres that allow them to work smarter.

More and more smart business owners are realizing the benefits of better utilizing services of office-space providers. Having a live receptionist that is included with their serviced office not only saves them the cost of an employee, but gives them options as to how their calls are handled. Being able to change how their calls are handled with a quick phone call or an advance email, means that their calls can be re-routed or sent directly to their voice-mail when they are out of the office.

Having options as to how your calls are handled and directed is only the beginning. You can even have your mail and packages re-directed too. During the summer months, some office clients will have their mail re-directed to their home office or even to their cottage, just like virtual office clients do.

Another virtual office service that office space tenants at a business centre are starting to explore is having a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone extension and handset. This technology allows small business owners to take their telephone set to almost anywhere in the world, and still appear as if they are working from their primary office (provided their physical office space has Internet access).

With options available to you as an office business centre tenant, you can “take your office with you while leaving it behind.” It is not just about slipping away every Friday to give yourself a long weekend and having clients still think you are at the office. You could slip away for an entire week and still be working from your cottage or elsewhere.

We have all heard the term “staycation” – which essentially means taking a vacation at home and enjoying your own city. Few have heard the term “workation” – meaning you go on vacation and set times for doing work and times you walk away from work and enjoy the relaxing place, without having to travel to and from your office space.

An example of a “workation” is an office space tenant and business owner utilizing virtual office services while away from the office. One such Telsec Business Centre office-space tenant, for example, spends almost the entire summer at his family summer home. He has his calls forwarded in the mornings to his summer home, but in the afternoon his callers are told he is out of the office. Additionally, all his mail is forwarded to him at his summer home – or he picks it up the once a week he is back in the city.

Keeping your vacation times and work obligations well coordinated, means that no one really needs to know that you are on vacation!