sedentary-appAs we continue this week’s theme of discussing “Sitting is the New Smoking,” through our research we are uncovering more information that we wanted to share with our followers. It is most interesting that the battle against a sedentary lifestyle has even reached the app world, and developers keep finding new ways to keep people active and productive while at work.

While for awhile there have been apps to help those who want to stay active and stay fit, the newest apps for increasing mobility in the office space have names like “Office Fitness”, “Office Fitness Free”, “StandApp”, “Limitless”, “Health Time Pro”, “Health Time LT” and “Sedentary work PRO”. These apps can range in price from free to $3.99 – but even at a higher price they would be a great investment in your health.

Then there is “SmartMove” , USB rechargeable insoles, which can go in any shoe. The insoles are equipped with two sensors that can tell if a person is sitting, standing, walking, running, climbing stairs or cycling. The best part about these insoles is that they are connected to an app on the user’s iPhone which will reveal how much of their day has been spent sitting versus standing, as well as whether they have been walking or running. Not surprisingly, the app will also provide the user with information on calories burned and the number of steps taken in a particular day.

Even without special insoles or smartphone apps, there are plenty of ways that you can be reminded by your PC or laptop to stand up and take a break from sitting using appointment programs you already have! Then there are more high-tech solutions like DeskActive that is an ergonomic software program for your PC or laptop that reminds you to stretch at your desk. With over 300 animated 3D stretches and exercises, plus more than 1,000 health and wellness advice tips, DeskActive brings health and wellness benefits to your desktop.

There are also wristbands that can monitor your activity and alert you either by vibration or by a connection to your smartphone. For example, the Jawbone UP wristband activity monitor pairs with a phone app (Google Play and iOS). You can set Idle Alerts and it will vibrate when you’ve been inactive for your chosen amount of time. The Nike FuelBand also offers two ways to encourage you to keep moving. A “Move Reminder” will flash across the wristband at the 45-minute and 50-minute marks of the hour if you haven’t had five continuous minutes of movement – or it will send messages to your smartphone app.

We are certain there a plenty more apps, gadgets, programs and strategies for not being sedentary while getting your work done at your office space. This is where we ask you for your tips, strategies and advice for our office space for rent tenants, blog readers and social media followers on how to fight office space inactivity.