When looking for office space in Toronto or most other places, businesses find that they are required to sign a lease for office space in a prime location that gives them a prestigious business address. It is not always the landlord who requires the long-term lease, but the leasing agent who wants to maximize their sales commission that requires the long-term lease. Many businesses find it hard to find office space Toronto without a lease for this very reason.

In this current economic climate of change, many businesses are looking for office space Toronto without a lease because they do not know what the future economy holds for them. They do not want a long-term office space lease commitment that they cannot fulfill if the economy takes another downturn. On the other hand, a business wants the ability to up-size their Toronto office space rental when the economy begins to grow again.

There are many ads in local newspapers and online classified sites for Toronto office space, but most ads are not for office space Toronto without a lease. It is not until you contact the person who ran the ad, that you find out the Toronto office space for rent they were advertising requires a lease.

Companies looking for office space Toronto without a lease have rental options. These options come in the form of an office business centre like Telsec. At Telsec Business Centres Inc., you can rent quality office space in Toronto at a prestigious business address, without having to sign a long-term lease. Your office space at Telsec includes modern office furniture and access to a telephone system that you do not need to maintain.

So, when looking at Toronto office space for lease, why not choose an office space Toronto without a lease?

The other bonus of renting office space Toronto without a lease from a Toronto office business centre like Telsec is that you also do not need to invest in office equipment like photocopiers and printers. They give you a-la-carte access to this equipment at rates lower than most printing shops.