Office space trends are always changing and sometimes the people who could most benefit from them are not the ones to find out about them. Since launching this blog in November of 2008, it has been our mission to not only inform followers of office space trends or the things going on at  Telsec office space Toronto, but to share other business news in regards to small business. Part of this involved watching and investigating office space trends in Toronto and other small business trends from around the world. We have talked about the virtues of having a Toronto virtual office for Toronto businesses and for businesses outside Toronto or even Canada that want a Toronto business presence. We have also done blogs on ways for small businesses to save money and be more productive. In one of our early blog posts we asked what the government were or were not doing for small business when they announced economic stimulus packages for big business. We followed up on this topic this year when an article would come out of the news stating that small business is the economic backbone of this country – and that many did not need bailouts because they were prepared for an economic slowdown. One thing we have also tried to do is to give our followers and casual readers is some humour mixed in with our messages. When we wrote about Zombies Invade Toronto, Jay Leno and the late night TV fiasco or even National Popcorn Day, we wanted to keep people engaged and informed about cost saving alternatives to the tradition office space. Even during the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, we blogged about each day’s highlights and still managed to entertain and inform blog readers. Why did I write this blog today? Is today a special day? Is today an anniversary or something? I wrote this blog today, because while discussing the Telsec office space Toronto blog with an acquaintance I was asked what my favorite posting was and “are you the only writer”? Answering what was my favorite blog to write was not that hard to answer, but it made me think for a bit about some of my favorite topics I have been blogging about. It was really fun to follow the Olympics and to find ways of tying in something about office space, virtual offices, shared offices, Toronto boardrooms and meetings, team space and even day office rentals. Other themes that I have had fun writing about were The Queen and her 22nd Royal Tour. What has been and continues to be a great inside joke between my friends is when I make references to or pay homage to the movie “Office Space”. They love it when I find a way to tie in jokes between my writing about office space in Toronto. The blog entry that I am most proud of and received the most attention for writing was one that I wrote on November 4th 2009. I opened my Internet browser and the first thing I noticed was a familiar pair of orange legs making up the l’s in the Google doodle. I learned that for the next few days leading up to November 10th, all of the Google doodles would be paying tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street. I decided to challenge myself and find a way to incorporate this into my blog about Toronto office space and to wish a Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street and Happy Birthday Big Bird. In the days to follow, many of my friends sent me messages and told me how much they really liked that particular blog, particularly how I asked them to imagine the Count to do the “One – Two – Threes of Telsec”. As to the second question”are you the only writer”… No. There have been several blog postings that have been written by Tony Curcio and a few written by office space tenants at Telsec who chose to stay anonymous.  With the help of others, this blog will continue to find important information and facts, but will also continue to find ways of keeping followers or others who are interested in Toronto business centres engaged and sometimes entertained.