There is no reason not to have an upscale professional business address. But you do not necessarily need to have a physical office at that particular location. Sometimes a physical office space is important to your business, but what if it is not? Let’s talk about the best options for your small business.

There are a range of business address options to choose from, including traditional raw office space, serviced office space and virtual offices. But which one is the most flexible and cost-efficient fit for your small business? Many small businesses owners and entrepreneurs may not have the financial capacity to lease traditional physical office space and pay for the infrastructure that type of space requires. The cost of office furniture, telephone systems and other office equipment such as photocopiers adds up. This has caused serviced offices and virtual offices to increased in popularity, because small business owners want to focus on what they do best and not have to worry about running an office. Let’s look at the option of a serviced office.

A serviced office in a professional business centre (sometimes referred to as an “Executive Office“), is a physical office space rented out on a monthly basis, rather than leased on a long-term basis. What also makes it stand out from a traditional office space is that it is furnished and you have access to available technology such as photocopiers and network printers on demand at “a-la-carte” pricing instead of a monthly commitment. You get a live (on-site) receptionist who not only answers your telephone calls, but also greets your visitors and informs you of their arrival. Additionally, you get access to boardrooms and meeting rooms that you are not paying additional rent for.

Most serviced office business centres can also offer you more services which are either provided by the centre’s staffers, or they can recommend a fellow office tenant that can provide a service you might require. A business centre like Telsec can offer you secretarial services on demand so you do not need to hire a secretary to only provide services when you need them. In other words, you do not need hire a full-time employee that only works when you need the job done. Yes, a part-time employee could do the job, but what if you need it done outside of their working hours or days?

What if you do not need a physical office, but do need a professional support team at a prestigious business address? You might then consider a virtual office to keep your professional appearance and to access services that you only need occasionally. In this particular case, a virtual office is exactly what you need – an office that exists without actually occupying a physical space.

Virtual offices are ideal for small business owners who want to work from home or on the road, but want to preserve a professional image to customers and future clients. Not only do you get a business address, you also get access to services that physical office tenants enjoy. When you need secretarial services, you pay the same price as serviced office tenants. When you need to rent a day office or use a boardroom, you get a preferred rate for being a virtual-office client. If you only want access to mail management and a dedicated receptionist via an inexpensive month-to-month contract and no security deposit, a virtual office may be just right for you.

The biggest factor that you need to consider is if a physical office is best for your small business – or do you simply need a prestigious business address with professional support?