Branch office in Toronto

The receptionist at your branch office in Toronto

Having a branch office in a city that you are just begging to service or sell into can often sound like an expensive proposition, but it does not have to be. Opening a branch office in Toronto can be easy and inexpensive when you select the right office space or virtual office space location.

The first step in finding the right branch office in Toronto is to determine your branch office needs. You have to consider if you require physical office space in Toronto and how much Toronto office space you will require. Should the office be located in downtown Toronto? How many employees will be working in your Toronto branch office? What office equipment will they require (photocopier, fax machine, network printer)? Will they need telephone and Internet services? Will your office require a boardroom or Toronto meeting rooms? Will you require a live receptionist to answer telephone calls and route them to the right person? There are many other things to consider when looking at traditional Toronto office space for your branch office.

Many businesses that are looking for the most cost effective ways of opening a branch office in Toronto do not realize that opening a branch office in Toronto can be easy and inexpensive by moving into an office business centre like Telsec. Office business centres offer you a variety of choices when it comes to the types and sizes of Toronto office space. Telsec offers private executive window offices, private office space, semi-private offices, shared offices and team space for 5 to 50 workers.

When you open a branch office in Toronto at Telsec, you not only get quality office space at a prestigious business address, you get a whole lot more. You get a fully furnished office with modern office decor, personalized telephone answering by a professional receptionist, free access to meeting rooms and boardrooms, access to photocopiers and network printers (both black & white and colour), free incoming faxes, access to two kitchens with complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water as well as access to many on demand services like word processing and administrative support.

If you are looking to open a branch office in Toronto, but do not want physical office space or full time office space, there is always Toronto virtual office packages that may be a great answer for your branch office.  A Toronto virtual office will give your branch office in Toronto a prestigious business address that is located right downtown, at a fraction of the cost of a physical branch office. The great part of a virtual office at Telsec is that when you need a have a meeting, you can arrange to use one at the same branch office address as your clients see on your business cards or website. When your branch office requires physical office space Toronto, you can easily upgrade to an office space, without having to change your address or telephone number.

Now you can see that opening a branch office in Toronto can be easy and inexpensive, so why not call Josie at (416) 363-9035 and find the right branch office in Toronto – the best solution for your business.