Yes, I actually heard one of our office space tenants mention how  our office space for rent Toronto is compared to Toronto Fringe Festival. It was not because of being in the same business, but how unique Telsec’s approach is to Toronto office rentals. The term fringe theatre is theatre that is not of the mainstream. Telsec approaches rental offices in Toronto with solutions that are sometimes not considered mainstream office space.

In places like London, England, “the Fringe” is the term that is given to small-scale theatres, many of them located above pubs, and can be called the equivalent to New York’s Off-Broadway or Off-Off-Broadway theatres. Because Telsec is located downtown (not in the financial core of the city) but on the fringes of the core, is one way our office space for rent Toronto is compared to Toronto Fringe Festival.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is an annual theatre festival featuring uncensored plays by unknown or well-known artists, taking place in the theatres of Toronto. It is Toronto’s largest theatre and performance festival. With over 130 productions that are featured at more than 20 venues across Toronto, the Festival has been known to draw more than 70,000 people over the 12 days of this annual event.

The shows range from musicals, comedies, family programming, drama, dance, improv and probably almost anything else you can imagine or cannot imagine. Ok now you are asking how our office space for rent toronto is compared to Toronto Fringe Festival based on this information. Well Telsec has a diverse group of office for rent toronto tenants; their businesses are very diverse and vary in their size and structure. They range from businesses that rent small shared offices, to larger business that rent multiple private offices and team spaces.

How else is our office space for rent Toronto compared to Toronto Fringe Festival? Since 1989, the Fringe has showcased over 2300 independent theatre productions, returned nearly $5,000,000 back to participating artists, and provided thousands of artists with a launch pad for their careers. Since 1980, Telsec has provided office rental Toronto to thousands of businesses who have returned millions of dollars back into the Toronto economy, as well as being a launch pad for businesses that needed affordable Toronto office rentals before moving up to larger office spaces.