Over the past number of years, many of the new entrepreneurs that rent office space Toronto have been women who wanted to take on the role of business owners. For many it was a choice of necessity when their job prospects started to become rare because of a slowing economy. While many women entrepreneurs are much more likely to choose small businesses in the service and retail industries, women entrepreneurs are also getting into the software and financial service sectors.

When most people think of business start-ups, they think of young ambitious men and women. But the new players in start-ups seem to be people in their late fifty’s and early sixty’s. Yes, seniors have surged to the forefront of the entrepreneurial stage and many of those are women.  This growing trend of businesses being started and run by older entrepreneurs has led to the creation of new terms such as ‘seniorpreneur’ and ‘greypreneur.’ Many of these business owners are not looking to turn their homes into their offices, so they are looking to office business centres as the place to have their Toronto office space for rent or Toronto virtual office.

The terms entrepreneur and start-up have traditionally been associated with risk and starting off with nothing, but the new breed of entrepreneurs are the retiring “baby boomers” who have spent a lifetime building their wealth and are not taking on too much risk. There experience, credentials and willingness to continue working into their retirement is what helps them to gain the trust of customers and the confidence of money lenders. Their own credibility along with a prestigious business address, even just for a Toronto mail service, often have customers believing they have had their business much longer than they actually have.

Another reason for the trend to older entrepreneurs is not always financial necessity, but is driven by the need to stay busy and continue making money while they do something they love. This also gives this group a slight edge over younger entrepreneurs because they are also the target market for many products and services sought after by other seniors.

We will be looking into this trend more and creating more blogs about this topic in the future.