Many small businesses with office space Toronto are finding that they can save money by outsourcing administrative tasks such as secretarial work, bookkeeping, payroll and a host of other duties. They often find that there is not only a financial savings, but there is a productivity and expediency saving too. Businesses are realizing that hiring a professional to do a task is one way to allow them to focus on their key business goals without getting lost in the paperwork.

The first way that outsourcing administrative tasks means savings for office space Toronto businesses, is eliminating the costs of having an administrative employee, starting with the hiring cost. When a business is looking to hire a new employee, there are plenty of expenses that go along with the hiring process. First they have to place an ad in various places to get that right person. While many classified websites are free, that does not always get the right person to apply, so there is a time-cost element put on the employer to place the ad. Once resumes start coming in, another time-cost element is required to filter through the resumes and select candidates to be interviewed. The largest time-cost element of the hiring process is conducting several interviews to find the right person to hire.

Once you have hired the person you believe is the best fit for the job, you now have to train them, set up workspace for them (an additional Toronto office space cost), supervise them and keep them productive and expedient. These expenses start to add up. Let us not forget about the added payroll expenses that hiring an administrative person will bring. This is when small businesses start to see how outsourcing administrative tasks means savings for office space Toronto businesses.

Before hiring even a part time administrative person, you have to decide not only if there is enough work to keep them busy and productive, but will their part time schedule be adaptive to the expediency you may require when they are not scheduled to work at your office for rent Toronto. Yes, there is the option of them working from home, but that makes it difficult for you to monitor what they are doing on your time. If they are only working part time at home for you, how do you know what time they are spending on your work and what time they may be working on someone else’s work?

Let us explore other ways that outsourcing administrative tasks means savings for office space Toronto businesses. Some people can multitask, but not many can actually do two or three tasks simultaneously with speed and accuracy. When you need multiple jobs that require different disciplines of knowledge within the same time-frame, outsourcing these jobs to specialized professionals can help to ensure that the tasks will be completed and with greater accuracy than relying on one person who is a generalist in many areas.

There are many secretarial and administrative tasks that office space Toronto clients can pay Telsec directly to do for them, and then there are other administrative and a host of other services that are offered by other Toronto office space clients and third party professionals that even Telsec outsources to. Some of the services directly offered by Telsec are things like expert secretarial for filing, speed typing, dictaphone, presentations, desktop publishing and database compilation. They can also create professionally bound presentations and documents. Telsec’s trusted list of preferred service providers are highly recommended for such tasks as accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, photography, graphic design, web building, web page optimization and many more.

Consider how outsourcing administrative tasks means savings for office space Toronto businesses, before you decide to hire an administrative employee. Remember, with a Toronto serviced office there is no need to hire administrative support staff.