There is an old saying “plan to succeed; not planning is planning to fail.” In the past, when starting a new business, you had to have a business plan as a written guide outlining what your goals are. But today, you should also have a plan drafted that will help you find your office space environment. Planning your Toronto office space is just as important as your business plan.

The first step in planning your office space Toronto is to go back to your business plan and determine how much you have budgeted for your Toronto office space rental. This is not your overall office budget – just the rental or lease portion of it. Then start your search for your Toronto office space for lease.

Once you have a shortlist of Toronto office spaces that fit your budget and needs, plan to visit them and find out the amenities and technology that is already in place (or can be put into place). You need to know if the office space for lease Toronto that you are considering is pre-wired for telephone and high-speed internet. If the office location you are looking at is pre-wired, all you need to do is to set up your hardware and an account with a service provider. But if the office for rent Toronto you are looking at is not pre-wired, you have to be sure that there is money in your office budget to get the wiring done. The other consideration – is high-speed internet available in the location you select? Remember that not all buildings are equipped to handle high-speed broadband internet.

Once you choose a Toronto office space, you have to establish what needs to be in your office space for rent Toronto. You should know what you need beforehand. Planning ahead will save you time and money. Will you need to purchase a telephone system and have telephone lines set up?  How many desks or workstations will you need? What about laptop or desktop computers? Do you need a reception area and receptionist to greet clients as they arrive? It is also important to decide if you need a meeting room space and are willing to pay for it. That space may not always be in use, but you you have to ask yourself if you are are still paying for that unused Toronto office space.

Next you need to figure out how to furnish your office space Toronto on the budget that you have set aside. One way you can keep your office furniture under budget is to shop for the bargains. But a word to the wise – you shouldn’t skip on taste or you may make it look “cheap.” Consider looking at used office furniture that is still in excellent condition.

So now that you have an office space Toronto location selected and you have planned your technology and furniture, you need to decorate your office for rent Toronto not only to impress visitors, but to make your staff feel comfortable. Having bare walls along with empty spaces can be quite depressing and non-inviting. Just be wary of not over-decorating your Toronto office space to the point of being counter-productive.

When you or you people need to take a break, where are they going to go? What are you going to do when you need a snack or refreshments? You should also take this into consideration when setting up your office. Even if it is just having a mini-fridge to store cold beverages and lunches, it will go a long way at keeping everyone happy. You may also want to consider providing a coffee pot and a kettle to heat water for tea or instant soups.

After you have made a plan and done your research, you should then look at the many advantages of investing in an office for rent Toronto at an office business centre. This includes the office-space furniture, decorations, business equipment like photocopiers, telephone system and fax machines, along with having the backbone of the technology you need to plug into. Business centres also offer a receptionist to answer your calls and greet your visitors. Most will also include free meeting rooms that you can use when you need them. Oh, and a really good office business centre will also offer complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water.