You have probably heard about the trend called Popup Shop or Popup Retail, where empty retail space is temporarily used for a short time. Literally, they can pop up one day and be gone the next, hence the coined word “popup.”  For owners of empty retail spaces, popups can help bridge the gap between long-term tenants. For a business, this setup may provide an ideal way to have a quick sell-off sale or test the retail market briefly in that location.

Now there is a new term that started in the UK called Popup Offices or Popup Office Space. The idea behind the popup office is that companies can temporarily house staff in a non-traditional office location for a short time with little or no infrastructure except for a Wifi Internet connection. The problem is that these short-term office arrangements are not seen by potential clients or existing customers as a professional office space, therefore Popup Office Spaces are not an alternative to office space Toronto with a professional atmosphere and an address that reflects a serious business.

While the concept of the popup office space Toronto is more aimed at companies whose team would traditionally work at home or at other locations with their files on a cloud server, it is not for every business type. Companies exploring this concept of popup office space should first consider having a back-up plan by having a professional office space Toronto or at least a Toronto virtual office as a permanent business address – preferably at an office business centre with a prestigious business address that also offers office for rent Toronto and office space for lease Toronto.

The other benefit of an office business centre is that it not only has Toronto office space for rent, but can also offer temporary office space, shared offices Toronto and even Toronto team space for companies with 2 to 30 employees. Telsec Business Centres Inc. can also work well for businesses who are just looking for a business address or a full-service Toronto virtual office.