Every year the number of film and television productions working in Toronto grows. With the increase in productions comes an increase demand for production office rental Toronto. The production office is the backbone of any film or television project. This is where all the planning and co-ordination is done behind the scenes.

Most of the large film and television studios do have production office rental Toronto space. It is often reserved for the larger productions that are filming over many months at that studio stage. While it is said that in the next few years Toronto will have more film studios and back lots than Hollywood, a great deal of the filming that is done in Toronto is on location and not on a studio sound stage. Productions need office space that is close to the studios, but also convenient for location shoots.

Film and television productions vary in terms of the length of time they take. Some productions may only be shooting in Toronto for a few weeks and others need production office rental Toronto for a few months. Some productions require a great deal of office space Toronto, where others need only room for a few desks in a team space.

When a production manager is looking for a production office rental Toronto, he or she needs to find not only a convenient location, but also an office space that is easy to set up and is flexible in terms of lease or rental agreement. Many do not want the hassles of setting up internet and telephones when they are only going to be in production for a few weeks or a few months. They want the ability to walk into a Toronto office rental and have their office space Toronto up and running in hours, not days. They want to be able to have access to photocopiers, network printers and fax machines that they do not want to rent or lease. The  do not want to have to worry about maintenance – they just want to have quick access to this equipment and pay for what they use.

Film and television productions are not the only organizations looking for production office rental Toronto or short-term office space Toronto. There are plenty of companies and organizations who are performing contract work or working on a project that is only going to be needing office space Toronto for a few months, a few weeks or even daily office rentals. These companies often find temporary office space at Telsec Business Centres.