The term hot desking originated in Chicago in the 1990s. The idea came from the phrase hot racking when sailors would share bunk beds on a ship. The sailors would work in shifts, and once their shift was over they would take the first available bunk bed they found. Hot desking works in a similar way.

With hot desking people can reserve a seat at a desk whenever they need one, for however long they need it. Once they are done using it, that space will become available for the next person to reserve. Desk space can be shared among people from different professional backgrounds and industries which opens the floor to new collaborations. Alternatively, you could choose to rent a room for a group of people.

Hot desking offers a flexible solution to ever-changing work dynamics.


Save on unnecessary costs

One of the biggest advantages of hot desking is the effect it has on an organization’s bottom line.

Running an office can be a pricey, and inefficient use of space – especially when you or your employees don’t require 24/7 access to a private desk. Oftentimes, desks remain unoccupied, leaving business owners questioning why they spent so much money on desks in the first place.

Using the hot desking method is an effective way to save on unused office space and furniture. In turn, this will allow you to put that money towards something more lucrative that will benefit and grow your business.

Suits a variety of work styles

Whether you are a freelancer, own a small business, or travel frequently, hot desking can suit your needs.

One size fits all solutions don’t work, and the traditional office space is no exception. Work-life can change on a weekly basis, so it doesn’t make sense for your office space to stay stagnant. A hot desk accommodates people with varying work styles by providing them with a desk whenever they need one.

For example, let’s say Bob’s business is going through a busy period and he will require a portion of his employees to work in person for the next 2 weeks. Bob can rent a hot desk to meet current demands and once the busy period is over, his employees can go back to remote work.

In another example, Tim is taking a trip across seas but needs access to a professional setting so he can work during his vacation. By renting a hot desk, he will be able to work without being interrupted and can relax for the rest of his stay.

Hot desks provide professionals with the versatility they need to adjust to dynamic work environments.

Encourages networking

Hot desks are rented out by people from different companies and industries who then come together to share one space – this means you never know who you will have the opportunity to make a long-lasting relationship with.

Telsec’s hot desks are located in Downtown Toronto’s Financial District. This environment creates the perfect setting for business professionals to make connections and network with one another.

In other common areas such as coffee shops, the demographic of people who come in can vary widely (anywhere from young children to the elderly). Whereas in a co-working space you know you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Keeps remote employees in touch with their team

Remote work has a lot of benefits, but it struggles in maintaining a solid work culture. In-person interactions are one of the most valuable activities in an office space because it helps employees build rapport with one another. This in turn makes them feel more engaged with their work.

The problem in traditional office spaces is that there are hierarchies where senior employees don’t interact much with other lower-level team members. Even in remote settings, regular employees normally only speak to senior levels of management on occasion. With hot desking, all levels of staff sit at the same desk, so everyone gets a chance to collaborate with each other.

Sprinkling in hot desking days will help employees build stronger relationships with one another, therefore creating a stronger work culture and boosting productivity.

Clutter-free zone

Sometimes, when people have their own desk they have a tendency to leave it messy. Studies have shown that clutter leads to lower productivity because the space is unorganized and distracting.

With hotdesking, you must ensure that your space is clean for the next person who uses the desk after you. This forces people to keep their area clean and organized, therefore creating a more efficient work environment.


Lack of personal space

When you rent a seat at a hot desk, you give up the luxury of having your own personal space.

Most people are more productive when working with others, but for some, the lack of privacy could be disruptive. It’s important to know which of your team members need extra privacy and account for them when booking hot desk space.

Additionally, if you are working on a task that has highly sensitive information, you may want to opt for a more private office environment.


Although one of the advantages of hot desking is that you get to meet new people every day, you also open up the possibility of having more distractions. This could mean people trying to speak with you while you’re busy, other people talking loudly to each other, someone might be playing a video at high volume, etc.

Generally, there are certain rules and etiquette expectations set in place to minimize distractions, but they could still occur from time to time.

Loss of structure and routine

When people come into a traditional office they tend to sit in the same place every time, and in doing so they create a structured routine. Some people find a structured routine to be important in a work setting.

Hot desks disrupt this routine because there is no guarantee that you will be sitting in the same spot you did yesterday. And although a perk of hot desking is that all levels of staff sit together, this also has the potential to throw some people off. Juniors may start to feel like they are being micro-managed and seniors may start to feel like they should have their own private space.

Despite the cons, hot desking can offer an array of solutions to your business needs. If you think that hot desking could be the right solution for you, Telsec has hot desks and coworking spaces available in the prestigious Financial District located in Downtown Toronto. Reserve your spot today.