Last week we blogged about creating a good password for your office space Toronto computer, as well as having a different stronger password for your various e-mails and online accounts. We showed that a strong password includes upper and lower case characters, numbers and punctuation marks like @#3$%^&!. The problem is remembering that good password without writing it down.

This morning in the kitchen at our Toronto office space, a few people were talking around the water cooler and discussing tricks on how to create a strong password that is easy to remember. One idea was to make the password an easily remembered phase like “I like my coffee double double.” This, however, would not be a good password because it includes whole words and no numbers. Instead you could have “i-Llke-mi-C0ff33dbl dbl!” Another trick is to spell some words backwards. Instead of “I like my coffee double double” you could have “ilik-m-eeffoc D0uble d0uble.” Try to find a phrase that you can not only remember, but can recall as to how you specifically re-arranged its individual wording to make it a stronger password.

If that does not work for you, another office for rent Toronto tenant suggested using a password vault that stores all of your strong passwords. This way you can have very strong passwords for various sites and e-mails while only having to remember one master password on your computer. 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and RoboForm are some of the top password vault programs.

If  you are using a laptop as your office space Toronto computer, you should consider getting a lock and locking it to your desk – as well as considering a very strong password not only for your computer but for your master password in your password vault program. As well, with people are using their smartphones so much, there are now password vaults for smartphones!