serviced office spaceWhen you rent a serviced office, you should expect a furnished office with access to boardrooms and meeting rooms, a professional receptionist, quality office equipment, a modern telephone system and a clean office space. But what other services should you want?

Some serviced office providers will also offer other office services such as secretarial services and administrative support services such as bookkeeping at an additional a-la-carte rate. However, other business centres that rent serviced offices are able to offer more than office services.

What other office services can a serviced office offer? To begin with, desktop publishing and binding services. Yes, while most presentations are done using computers and large presentation screens or large TV screens, there is often still a need for written proposals or documents that explain the presentation in more detail. An experienced designer can turn your words and images into a professional quality document that will further impress your client.

When holding a meeting or conference at a serviced office facility, and you require a breakfast or lunch to be catered, the staff at the business centre can make the arrangements on your behalf, thus saving you the time and hassle and letting you concentrate on the main objectives of your meeting. Since they have the experience dealing with preferred caterers, they can often help you plan your menu to stay within your budget.

Renting office space at a serviced office can also give you access to professional services like legal and accounting services, without having to leave the business center. This is because so many professionals also rent serviced offices to avoid the hassles of hiring a full-time secretary or administrative support assistant. In many cases, some professionals will give preferred rates on fees to other office tenants. But more importantly, you will learn about the rates for any secretarial or administrative services that could be incurred that the centre does not handle itself.

Since most serviced offices have on-site IT staffers that maintain their equipment and systems, they are also able to give tenants preferred rates on the use of their IT staff members to assist tenants with problems regarding their personal office computers and technology. Even if they do not offer preferred rates, there would still not be a reason to charge for traveling time for an in-office visit.

A serviced office business can also help you to arrange other services that may be offered by other tenants or vendors that they have had dealings with. If you need an accountant, lawyer, graphic designer, photographer, database compiler, web designer, writer or any other services, chances are they are a tenant or the staff of the current serviced office facility.

When you are choosing an office business centre for your serviced office space, be sure to ask for not only the extra services they offer, but also the extra services they can help you arrange. Once you become a tenant at a business centre, you may want to check with the office space facilitators about a specific service you are looking to receive. There is a very good chance they can help you arrange it – or at the very least find the right vendor for that specific service.