A few days ago, I posted about using a broker to find office space for rent Toronto. A number of people asked me how they knew if the site they were on was a broker site or if they were shopping for an office for rent Toronto on the Internet site for the actual office business centre. The simple (but not the whole) answer is that broker sites tend to list multiple office for rent Toronto that are not branded under the same name. A broker site will probably not have individual phone numbers for the different office for rent Toronto locations. The true test is if the address in the contact information for the website is not in Toronto or is not listed, then most probably the site is for an office space broker in another city or country.

The reason for writing this particular blog about shopping for an office for rent Toronto on the Internet is not about how you find your office space Toronto, but how you select one as your own. People have asked Telsec “why can I not sign up for a Toronto office space on your web page?” Here are a few reasons why Telsec does not do online office space rentals:

Telsec believes shopping for an office for rent Toronto on the internet is a great way to start your search, but you have to see the office space environment before you agree to rent office space – by visiting the business centre for a tour and seeing what amenities it offers.

Unlike other Toronto office spaces, Telsec does not rent to just anyone. Just like you are being selective of where your office is, Telsec wants to ensure that its tenants are a good fit for their office space environment. Because Telsec is a business centre that caters to many businesses and has a shared reception area, they prefer tenants who do not have a  high visitor traffic or that will be doing retail like business out of their office space Toronto.

Before shopping for an office for rent Toronto on the Internet, ask your friends and business associates about how they found their Toronto office for rent. Also find out if there are vacancies where they have their offices. Testimonials from people you know and trust are the best way to find an office for rent that suits your business.