being-a-good-customerSo, we have given our followers advice on branding their product, service, business and even personal branding. But one of our office space for rent tenants told us that we have not touched on tips for being a good customer. In a way, being a good customer is also about your personal branding. Whether you are a customer as an individual or as as a business customer, how you conduct business as a buyer/consumer impacts your brand.

The list of how to be a bad customer is long – so long we are only going to talk about some of them. One way of being a bad customer is not keeping up with the terms of payment you agreed to. If you have problems with those terms talk to the vendor before it becomes a problem.

Another way to be a bad customer is to give a negative review online in heat of the moment. This happens far too often when a small business owner goes to his or her computer and the internet before thinking through the problem and trying to contact the other party to resolve the issue. You do not want to look petty to your customers when they see you posting negative comments.

A way that a small business owner can show they are a good customer is to personalize their thanks. This could be sending a note to the person who helped you the most. But it could also be sending them a small gift or token when they really help you – or just as an overall thank you.

When was the last time you posted a compliment online regarding one of your vendors or service providers? Sometimes it is more than just a good way to thank them, but it also makes you look good as a customer. It does not need to be a long review or testimonial – it can be as simple as a one-sentence thank you and a small explanation for the thank you.