It is not government bailouts or consumers tightening their belts or even government stimulus money that has helped pull us through this global meltdown. It was small businesses that were prepared for the downturn. Many small business owners knew there was an economic downturn coming, but they did not know when. To prepare for a bad economy, a lot of smart small business owners made sure to get their debts under control and manage the resources they had control of.  One such way that some businesses decided to best use their resources and manage their costs was to abandon the traditional office model and move to an office business centre.

By moving away from a traditional office model, they were able to eliminate capital costs of office furniture, leasing or purchasing photocopiers as well as a telephone system (also not requiring to pay the salary of someone to answer the phones). They also were able to save by not paying rent on office areas that were not always in use or were not contributing to company income. While boardrooms and meeting rooms can be important to conducting business, the truth is that many boardrooms and meeting rooms in a traditional office are often the most underused areas and the business still needs to pay rent on that space. When a business rents a Toronto office space from Telsec, they do not pay extra for the use of the many boardrooms and Toronto meeting rooms – they are free for clients to use.

Rent Toronto Office SpaceAnother reason that small businesses are walking away from the traditional office model is to make their costs and expenses more transparent so they can better budget and predict what their cash flow needs to be. Administrative costs can often take a company off course, especially when hiring administrative staff and not having enough work to keep staffers productive. At an office business centre like Telsec, a company can find many services on an a-la-carte basis at reasonable prices. There is no hiring or training costs associated with having a staff member.

Some of the services offered or arranged at Telsec include:

  • Accounting – Petty cash records,setting up and maintaining accountancy packages and taxation.
  • Administrative Support – Expert Secretarial for filing, speed typing, Dictaphone, presentations, desktop publishing and database compilation.
  • Binding – Professionally bound and delivered by one of our staff to your office ensures effective use of your time.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Catering – When organizing a meeting over breakfast or lunch, a variety of menus are available for selection.
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • And Many More