Did you wake up this morning at your normal time and expect to get to work on time? Obviously you did not watch or listen to the weather forecast last night. Some call that “Not Doing Your Homework”; others will say that you planned on just plowing through because you have a vehicle to do it.

What does this have to do with office space Toronto? You will see soon.

I woke up this morning at 4 am to drive my girlfriend to her work (normally she takes public transit). We knew the roads would be difficult, especially with not having winter tires on my car. I kept the radio low (so as not to get distracted) and my speed down. I knew even without snow tires that I could get up to normal speeds, but I also knew the limitations of my car for stopping in such conditions. After arriving back home, I noticed more vehicles on the road driving on unplowed and unsalted roads – the same way they would every day. It seems that if you have an SUV or an all-wheel-drive vehicle you do not have to worry about  winter driving. You’re good to go… but are you good to stop?

As the weather got worse, I decided that it was not worth risking the drive into my Toronto office space, especially since too many other drivers would not be thinking of the stopping capabilitiy of their vehicle. Unlike many of those other drivers on the road, I knew that I could work from home for a few reasons. The first reason was that I store the files I am working on in the clouds (not the same clouds this white stuff is coming from) and I can access those files from the office or from wherever I am. The second reason is that I know that I can send an email to or call the office business centre (where I have my office space Toronto) and let them know that I wish to have my business-line calls transferred to my cellphone when the receptionist answers my calls.

After parking my car at home I started to think about how I chose my office and that it was actually a winter day similar to today. I had done my searches and my homework, then I visited a few potential downtown Toronto office space locations. I made the mistake of taking my car and not being able to find parking downtown. That should have been my first clue. I parked at City Hall and took the underground PATH to the various locations that I had booked tours with. They all looked good, but then I considered the price of not only renting from them, but the cost of parking. The next day I ventured out to look at a few more  Toronto office space for rent locations. The roads had been plowed and the snow had stopped, so I was good to go. The first place I visited was in a great location and there was plenty of inexpensive outdoor parking nearby. The next was in the financial district, again a pretty good price, but there was no reasonably priced parking nearby.

On to the third place of the day, but I never made it there. It seems that a car had decided to break down on the streetcar tracks and caused major traffic nightmares. That is when I realized that the same place I had my virtual office Toronto was a business centre that also offered executive suites Toronto. I decided to see what office space for rent they had available, but was intimidated by the term “executive suites” because it sounded expensive.  It turned out that not only did they have an office space that met my budget, but the added bonus was they also had an indoor reserved parking spot available for $300.  It is amazing the things you recall many years later when the snow conditions are similar.