Having a work-life balance can sometimes be hard to achieve when you do not have the right downtown Toronto office space. There are many office space Toronto locations that can be great to work at and offer a great location for small businesses — but then there are some downtown Toronto office spaces that can help you have a good work-life balance. You have to find not only the right location for your business, but an office space should have immediate amenities as well as ones outside the location to help achieve your proper work-life balance.

Some questions to ask when considering an office space Toronto for rent:

  • What amenities are available in the office space itself?
  • What building amenities are available in the same building as the office space?
  • What amenities are available in the surrounding area (within a block or two)?
  • Where are the closest recreational facilities?
  • What deals or discounts are available at local gyms or health clubs?
  • What entertainment and sports are nearby?

You may also want to consider how easy it is to access the office location in terms of the limiting of your daily commute. Having an office space Toronto that is near a major highway or away from the major downtown congestion can help ease the stress of your commute. Another way to ease the stress of a commute is having a Toronto office location that is on, or very near, a major transit route that is not impeded by traffic. One way of having your commute not interrupted by surface traffic is by being close to a subway or dedicated streetcar route.

A growing trend in balancing work-life is living and working downtown. With new condos being built every year in the downtown area, more and more people are choosing to live closer to where they work or have their Toronto office space. By taking hours of commute out of each day, they are finding they have more time for recreation and leisure activities. The other thing that many people who work and live downtown have in common is that they do not rely as much on owning a car and having to be a slave to it. A great number of people who live and work downtown are giving up their cars and instead going with car-sharing programs. They only pay for the time they use the car and do not have to worry about insurance or fuel.

Finding the ideal work-life balance can be especially rewarding when you rent an office space Toronto from a business centre like Telsec – that also helps to take away the worries of running an office, so you can concentrate on your core business functions and not spend your leisure time on office administration.