More start-up businesses are moving away from brick-and-mortar office space and leaning toward a “distributed workforce.” This allows employees to work from home and even in different cities and time zones. While distributed workforce means no office space Toronto rent, start-ups can save money and spend it elsewhere, like hiring the right people, even if they live across the country. The way they are able to accomplish this is by utilizing virtual office solutions at an office business centre with a prestigious business address and a professional receptionist that handles their incoming calls to each companies’ instructions.

If the start-up has employees in other cities that are dealing with customers and clients, they still need a place to call their office. Some start-ups will take more basic virtual office packages like a Toronto mail service that acts a business address and a place to send mail and courier packages to, that is not a home address or a post office box.

Many start-ups with people working remotely from either home or distant offices will use web-based tool like to collaborate and other internet tools like Skype and other VOIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol) technology to call and/or conduct video chat with colleagues. But when they need to physically meet with colleagues or customers, they will often rent a boardroom in their virtual office provider’s building to keep up the appearance of actually having an office space there.

Unlike a co-working office space or corporate centres that only offer day use or hot desks, a Toronto virtual office at an office business centre like Telsec, allows virtual office clients have a full-time address and rent day offices or Toronto boardrooms for a discounted price that is lower than what a non-client would have to pay for those services. As well, they do not have to pay for coffee, tea or filtered water while they are using the office space or the boardrooms and meeting rooms, as these are complimentary.