BusinessAddressSolutionsIt is this time of year when home-based small business owners make resolutions to take their small business venture to that next step. They are at a point in their business where they can no longer use their home address as a business address.

Some small business owners who are looking to get away from using their home address or a P.O. Box will look into getting a virtual office address at a prestigious business centre. They may even get a virtual office package that includes telephone answering by a professional receptionist to make them really look like they are an established business that is not going anywhere.

Many consumers and other businesses will tend to shy away from a business that is located in a home residence or through a P.O. Box. This is simply because past experience has shown these types of situations to be either unprofessional or fly-by-night operations. Having a professional business address helps to lend some credibility to a small business.

As we have often mentioned, a small business that starts off with a virtual office solution at an office business center (that also rents serviced physical offices to entrepreneurs and small businesses) always has the option of renting an office without changing their business address or telephone number. This helps not only to keep up the continuity, but it also allows for growth – or to revert back to a virtual office if the need arises.

When small business owners hear the terms “Executive Suites” or “Serviced Offices” they automatically think that it is going to be expensive. The truth is that these physical office solutions can actually save a small business money. How? They save on having to purchase office furniture and telephone systems. They also save on having to buy photocopiers and copier service packages. The one other big saving is having a professional receptionist that the business does not have to pay, as well as not having to pay other fees associated with hiring an employee.

Small business owners are often shocked to hear that they can rent a private office for just $495 per month. They are more shocked when they find out that a semi-private office would only cost them $350 (an office that they only share with one other small business owner or entrepreneur). For only $225 per month a small business can have shared office space for rent (which is sometimes referred to as a “touchdown office”). This is especially good for businesses who work on the road and only need an office address and a place to do some paperwork or to meet a client.

Having an office, or even just a virtual office address, is a great way to start off the new year and to show clients and prospective customers that your small business is serious and moving forward. This is especially true when your customers want to meet you at your office meeting room and not at your kitchen table. The more professional your office situation looks, the more your clients will believe in your small business as being one they want to work with.