There has been a big media buzz for the past 4 days about a Frankenstorm that would occur when Hurricane Sandy came inland and ran into arctic winds from Canada’s Northwest. So far Sandy is no longer a hurricane and is now just a post-tropical cyclone that has been re-labelled a Superstorm because of the sheer size of the storm formation. Many people at Telsec’s office space Toronto were skeptical about the Frankenstorm, but this superstorm sure packed some winds overnight.

While some of the neighbourhoods surrounding the downtown (the horseshoe as Toronto Hydro calls them) are experiencing blackouts due to downed trees and other flying debris, the downtown area where hydro lines are primarily underground is not expected to experience any power outages. This is good news for many Toronto office space clients who, like myself, want to work through this storm with little or no interruptions. I often work part of the week at my downtown Toronto office space and the other part of the week in my home office and refer to it as my Toronto cloud office. If the power goes out at home, I know with certainty that I can go into my Toronto serviced office at Telsec and carry on with my work.

Even as I write this blog, the lights along my street have gone out and that may be a sign that I too will be in the dark. I am making sure I save everything on my cloud drive, so if the power goes out in my home, I can still work on the same files when I get into my Toronto office space. The concept of a Toronto cloud office is one that works great for people who work from home and sometimes need a physical office for rent Toronto to work from. Most people name their boats and some even have nicknames for their cars, based on how their cloud drive will help me through this superstorm. I may nickname my Toronto cloud office “Sandy.”