We have a number of photos on our website that are of our Toronto office space building and interior. Most of the photos that appear on our website have been purchased for use from the photographer or are commissioned photos that we have full rights to.

All of the interior shots of our Toronto executive offices are commissioned photos that we have paid the photographer to do. All of the photos of the Toronto waterfront that include our building have also been commissioned photos to showcase the location of our office space Toronto. There are also a few photos of the Toronto Island Airport and other aerial photos that have been purchased from stock photography agencies.

Recently, our staff photographer did a specialized web search of where our photos were being used and found that other websites are indeed using photos of our office space Toronto and claiming them as photos of their own space. As comical as this may sound, they are lying to their potential clients who are looking for Toronto office space. It would be a disappointment to show up at an office space location and not see an office that resembles the one in the photo. With Telsec, when you see an office space photo or a view from an office, it is what you see. Our photos are often updated when the view from that particular office changes. We want you to see what you are getting and not what we think you want to see.

Speaking of updated photos, this past fall our lobby area was renovated and we updated the reception photos. When our boardrooms were updated with new flat screens a few months ago, we made sure we updated the photos of our Toronto Boardrooms for rent photos.

Most often the newer photos we get of our Toronto office space will appear first in our blog or tweets before making their way to the www.telsec.net web page.