Technology can help small business owners leverage their limited finances in smarter and more effective ways. It is often said by some of the entrepreneurs who run small businesses from our office space Toronto that using technology is a natural progression for some of the processes they already have in place in their business. Business owners also know they may have to make some small adjustments to enjoy the benefits of these tech-friendly times.

It is important that small businesses realize that discovering new technology can be a great equalizer that can level the playing field between their small and medium-sized businesses and their much larger competitors who can often take much longer to adopt these same technologies. Small businesses are not just using smartphones for the obvious tasks you’d expect like voice calls, email, texting and instant messaging. They are also using them for GPS navigation, updating their businesses’ social media accounts, accessing customer data and much more. They are also using mobile smartphones and tablets to be able to engage customer interactions while on the go or at important trade or consumer shows.

Another use for smartphones is the ability of a sales professional to get real-time answers for customer questions while out on sales calls. When a customer asks a question during a sales appointment and the sales representative does not know the answer, often times having a smartphone will allow them to check the company website or customer relationship management program for the answer.  Information about products, services and customer account history can be looked up for an immediate answer that may help close the deal.

Even retail chains are finding that technology and the digital revolution are changing how they do business and stay relevant to their customer. They know that  consumers use smartphones and tablets for everything from product research and price comparisons – sometimes even while in a store’s aisles. They may even be making online purchases while in the store. To keep up, many retailers are developing mobile apps to provide important product information, coupons, promotions or to see other consumer’s ratings about the product or the store that is selling it.

More and more people are using GPS devices or smartphones with built-in GPS programs like Google Navigate to find items that are local. They are not just looking for retail stores or restaurants; they are using their smartphones to locate real estate, apartment rentals, commercial office space, or just an office for rent Toronto.

This week we will be bringing you more specific blogs about various technologies that can help level the business playing field – or even give a small business a jump-start on its larger competitors.