We live in a time where technology is changing often on a daily basis. Sometimes these changes and updates are moving faster than some businesses can keep up with. Many businesses are starting to examine some of the technologies they have been using in their traditional Toronto office space – and realizing that they are either out of date or rarely used due to newer ways of things being done. These constant changes in technology are making serviced office space Toronto more popular.

Many companies with office space Toronto still have fax machines, but are stumped when asked when they last used them. More and more documents are now sent over e-mail as word processing documents or as PDF’s, and it is only legal documents that require signatures (like contracts) that are send via fax. Then it is only the signed copies that need to be transmitted by facsimile, as the original documents are sent via email and are printed for signing, then faxed. Having a shared fax machine at an office business centre, makes more sense.

Photocopiers and printers are also seeing less use in many office spaces. They are now mainly used when a physical copy of a document is needed. Most people are reading documents on their PC, laptop, tablet computer or even their smartphones. Companies are starting to wonder if the cost of buying, leasing or renting photocopiers and network printers is worth the added costs of maintenance contracts and supplies – especially when they can pay a low price per page at a Toronto office space that they can rent and not be tied into a long-term lease.

While computer servers are getting smaller, they still take up space and require regular upkeep. One of the technologies that is making serviced office space Toronto more popular is cloud computing. Businesses can store their files and documents on cloud servers that can be accessed from anywhere as long as they can access an Internet connection. This means not having to have a work area dedicated to the server and not having to employ staff to physically maintain the server. What is even more interesting is that the use of cloud computing is even slowing down the sales and use of USB thumb drives (yes, those great portable storage devices that replace the need for floppy disks).

So just how is technology making serviced office space Toronto more popular? When businesses move away from traditional Toronto office space, they realize that they do not need to purchase, lease or rent expensive office equipment. They can have a-la-carte access to photocopiers, printers, phone systems and fax machines. Having a serviced office space Toronto means they only pay for the office services that they use and not the overhead costs associated with these technologies. Having their files and documents on a cloud server means they need less office space and the office space they rent is only to provide working areas for workers – and not bulky computer servers.

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