A film producer was looking for a location to shoot a few segments of his film that would include shots in offices with lake views and offices with city views.  The location scouting team contacted Lindsay (who is one of the office space client specialists), to set up a tour. They took the tour and made some notes, and said they might be in touch. This past week the locations person brought the producer, director and other key people involved for another tour of Telcec’s office space for rent Toronto. They were looking for offices with various views of the city for certain scenes in the film and the location scouting person felt this was the ideal location for them.

During the second tour, some of the production staff liked the setup of some of the large Toronto meeting rooms and especially liked the team space office for a few other shots in the film. They claimed that this Toronto office space was more than they were expecting and could save them a good deal of money on building a few sets that they thought they would need to build in a studio space.

While the movie has nothing to with the office space, it does have some main scenes set in various offices. I am also told that much to my disappointment, this film is not a sequel to the move “Office Space”. The producer did admit that he found Telsec as a potential location when he read one of our blogs about movie productions using our office space Toronto as production offices. He then noticed other blog posting on the site regarding Telsec’s Toronto office space and nearby film studios.

Also during the tour of the facilities, the office space Toronto client care coordinator  overheard the director joke with the set designer that they would need to have a set security person watch out for the Telsec blogger, because otherwise they may find a random red stapler in one of the shots done in the office space…the rest of their team laughed. It seems that the crew not only knew of the office space Toronto blog, but also knew that one of the writers was also a fan of the movie “Office Space”.