All this week we have been telling our readers about VoIP Telephone solutions through an introduction and some advanced points about VoIP, including helping to determine if our readers are ready for it. This blog entry will be discussing the features of the VoIP telephone set that Telsec will be introducing to clients as one of its newest virtual office solutions – the VoIP Virtual Office.

When clients sign up for Telsec’s VoIP virtual office service, they will be assigned a Mitel 5330eIP phone which is a full-feature, applications telephone with a large graphics display and embedded gigabit support. The phone has 24 self-labeling keys that can be programmed as speed dial keys, line keys, or even quick-access feature keys. The twelve fixed-function keys provide convenient one-touch access to commonly used telephony features, navigation keys and menus. The Mitel 5330e IP Phone also has three contextual softkeys to help users navigate easily through the telephony functions.

Mitel 5330e IP Phone

Mitel 5330e IP Phone

The embedded applications in the 5330e IP Phone include visual voicemail, call history, call forwarding, call conferencing, call information and cordless applications.

Mitel 5330e Backlit Phones Feature:

  • Large backlit graphics display (160 x 320) with auto dimming
  • 24 Programmable, multi-function, self-labeling keys, provided in 3 pages of 8 keys each
  • Wideband Audio Support – ships with a wideband handset (7kz) standard
  • Handsfree speakerphone operation (full duplex)
  • 12 fixed function keys: Hold, Settings, Message, Speaker, Mute, Transfer/Conference, Redial, Cancel, Volume/Ringing/Contrast Up & Down, Previous Page and Next PageBrowser-based Desktop Tool for easy user programming and key labeling
  • Dual mode phone: Support for SIP and MiNET protocols
  • Peripherals and modules support: Line Interface Module, IP Conference Unit, Cordless (DECT) Accessories, Wireless LAN Stand, Gigabit Ethernet Stand
  • 3 context-sensitive softkeys for intuitive feature access
  • Supports Mitel Unified Communicator® (UC) Express and 5300 Intelligent Directory Applications
  • Dual embedded Gigabit Ethernet ports (LAN and PC)
  • Powered by 802.3af PoE or 48VDC local power supply

As part of the next-generation desktop phone family, the Mitel 5330e IP Phone demonstrates Mitel’s commitment to ease of use and enhanced user value, while delivering innovative features and applications. A full-feature enterprise-class telephone, the it provides a large backlit graphics display with 24 programmable self-labeling keys, superior wideband audio, and a built-in HTML toolkit for desktop applications development. The 5330 IP Phone supports hot desking (aka co-working environments) and clustered hot desking, as well as resiliency. It is ideal for enterprise executives, managers and employees, and can be used as an ACD agent, as a supervisor phone or as a teleworker phone.

It provides remote users with real-time access to applications and services such as web browsing, contact lists, call history logs and many customizable user settings. HTML applications can be developed to run without an external server – providing cost-effective, intuitive customization for the user’s unique requirements.

This IP Phone has been designed to provide superior sound quality. Wideband audio is a standard feature on the 5330e IP Phone. It comes equipped with a wideband audio handset that runs at 7 kHz, as well as full duplex hands-free feature, making it acoustically superior to many IP phones available today.

The Line Interface Module is a discreet component that plugs into the back of Mitel 5330e IP Phones for local access, emergency dialing and guaranteed survivability. With it, voice communication automatically and transparently defaults to a public-switched telephone network (PSTN) analog line if IP service is disrupted – allowing users to continue to make and receive calls. It works as a convenient solution that enables remote workers and teleworkers to have local calling capability and access to local emergency services. If something should happen to the network, DSL services or even the local router, teleworkers still have uninterrupted access to voice communications. Line Interface Module is, in essence, is a low-cost disaster recovery solution for converged, mission-critical environments of any kind.

Key Benefits to Virtual Office VoIP Phone Users

  • Reduced long-distance charges for remote teleworkers
  • Survivability at the edge of the network
  • Extends Mitel’s resiliency strategy from the core of the network to the user desktop
  • Ensures business continuity in the event of a network disruption
  • Teleworker support enables remote users to have one device for both corporate and local access
  • One touch button that accesses reception services
  • Access to Faxes and Voicemail anywhere the phone is
  • Multiple, simultaneous calls and call conferencing on the go
  • The ability to make outgoing calls from anywhere while your client sees your office phone number as the source of the call
  • Privacy of not having to give out home or cellphone number when working from home

As this new phone was being tested at Telsec by staff and a few tenants, many of Telsec’s other existing virtual office clients and office space Toronto tenants heard about it and expressed interest in this phone and the VoIP service as a value-added service to the existing services they currently receive from Telsec. In fact, upon hearing about this new phone and the ability to be able to work from home without the customer knowing you are away from the office, one Toronto office space tenant joked: “Now that you have a phone that lets me stay in touch with my office when working remotely, when are you going to be able to deliver the usual complimentary coffee and tea remotely?”