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If you are sat at home this weekend contemplating starting your own small / micro home business or becoming a self-employed freelancer / sole trader then here are ten quick-fire business ideas to use as a starting point.

  • A website teaching readers about the day-to-day training requirements for various sports.
  • Improvisational comedy confidence-building exercises.
  • A company which takes your dead electronic equipment and smashes it until it becomes modern art!
  • A premium hotline providing legal advice.
  • A café for aspiring filmmakers to congregate and show their work to receive feedback.
  • A clothes-sharing website for high-value items such as shoes.
  • An impartial advice line for people purchasing consumer electronics.
  • A YouTube channel reviewing local restaurants.
  • Keep other people’s elderly relatives company for a small fee.
  • An art co-op which collectively owns valuable pieces and shares them until they are eventually auctioned.

 I hope this will inspire you to start your own business, but if you need further encouragement take a look at our competitionST. – Software and business services online to start and run a small business – free trial and 100+ free business ideas.

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