In a recent post titled Alternative office solutions we discussed some of the benefits of an office space in a business centre. The truth is, business centres have always been the best bet for any growing business, however, the alternative trend in office space is a juggernaut that has become a staple with mainstream businesses – not just start-ups and tech companies.

Resources for the Benefits of a Business Centre

Recently we have begun the process of building a community for our business centre clients to “showcase” their services and share their business experiences – which in turn positions the business centre as more of a resource beyond just providing space. Watch for announcements as we begin a to add features to this community. As we recorded these video interviews, we also took the opportunity to get testimonials for Telsec.

These testimonials did not just provide a great way to promote ourselves. They also gave us great feedback from users of business centres as to the benefits of all business centres – not just Telsec. This will be a playlist of these testimonials. The “knowledge-base” portion of the community will have all the playlists on one page. Enjoy the video and watch for announcements about our community initiative.

The Benefits of a Business Centre

Below is a list of just a few of the best posts we have on the benefits provided by a business centre:

We felt that it would be helpful to present all these posts on the benefits of your business using a serviced office space solution – and in particular the advantages of the different types of space available at Telsec Business Centres. As the oldest provider of these services in Toronto, we will continue to report on the trends and innovations that are changing the industry. We will also continue to explore the changing expectations and office space needs of both our clients and their employees.

So, noticing the trend to alternative office solutions, we decided that providing both alternative and traditional solutions would make more sense. As well, we did not want to disrupt our current clients’ businesses in order to provide the alternative services that are now favoured by millennials with start-up businesses and SMB’s.