On January 17, 2012, Toronto City Council approved a balanced 2012 Operating Budget. On March 27, 2012, the Province of Ontario presented its budget. Only two days later on March 20, 2012 the Federal Government of Canada handed down its budget. These budgets are a way for governments to have a clear guideline of where they will be spending tax dollars for the next fiscal period. As well, this is a time the governments have to try to address debt and how they will pay down the debt accumulated by years of running deficit budgets. The one area that I do not see governments addressing is their expenses on office space for lease Toronto.

Depending on their corporate charter, large businesses with different year-ends also prepare a budget and plan for the coming year. They too need to know what their projected income will be and how much of that income will be required to pay for expenses like wages, operating costs, taxes, office space Toronto for lease costs, and capital costs for purchase or lease of equipment. They need a budget to present to shareholders who have invested their money with them.

More often than not, most small businesses do not have the time or recourses to prepare a proper annual budget for their business and often take their original business plan budget as a guideline for planning their expenses. Smart small business owners try to find ways of taking the guesswork out of their budget and financial planning by having their business located in a business centre.

Unlike governments and large corporations, small and medium sized businesses do not have the ability to run a deficit. They need to plan to stay within a surplus budget. Business centres that provide serviced office Toronto gives their tenants all the numbers up front without hidden charges. The business knows what its rent is and what it includes; they also know what their rent does not include. They know that they do not have to pay for boardrooms and meeting rooms when they need them; they know that they do not have to pay the salary of a receptionist or a telephone line – they are included in the office space Toronto plan they signed up for.

If you are a small business, talk to your serviced office Toronto provider and get all the details of what is included in your rental package up front. You also want to know what extras they offer and at what price. Telsec offers access to network printers, fax machines, colour copiers, black & white photocopiers, and other business printing services on an a-la-carte basis that is far cheaper than most retail copy shops.

Your business budget may not be as large as government budgets, but you deserve to get a better deal on your office space Toronto.